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  • Stop Gender Genocide

    By Martin Mawyer

    Following the death of Carrie Fisher — and the death one day later of her mother, Debbie Reynolds — I ran across an article about Fisher’s 24-year-old daughter, Billie Lourd.

    Lourd proudly spoke about her upbringing at the hands of single mom and admitted drug abuser Carrie Fisher. Lourd boasted that her mother “raised me to not think of men and women as different. She raised me without gender. It’s kind of the reason she named me Billie.”

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  • American Islamist Group Preps For Jihad Against Trump

    By Martin Mawyer & Prof. Ryan Mauro

    Multiple confidential sources inside of a powerful jihadist group within the United States have informed the Christian Action Network and the Clarion Project that members have been told to arm themselves in anticipation of raids by the Trump Administration.

    The Pakistan-based spiritual leader of Muslims of America (MOA), Sheikh Gilani, told top MOA officials (known as “khalifas”) to order all unarmed members to obtain firearms, licenses and hunting permits in order to resist raids on the group’s approximately 22 compounds that they expect to happen under the Trump Administration. Additional “security” was also called up and assault rifles have been mentioned as desirable.

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  • Donald Trump and the Conservative Christian ... What Next?

    By Martin Mawyer

    Donald Trump pulled off a feat on Election Day that even self-proclaimed born-again-Christian President George W. Bush could not: He garnered 81 percent of the evangelical vote. By comparison, Bush only got 78 percent of evangelicals in 2004, the same percentage that voted for Mitt Romney in 2012.

    During the primaries, Trump only managed to garner 36 percent of the evangelical vote. But after the race became a battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the evangelical rank-and-file, remembering their recent losses in 2008 and 2012, rallied to Trump and helped push him over the finish line.

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  • American Terrorist Group Names New Leader

    By Martin Mawyer

    In a private announcement to its members, an Islamic terrorist group in the United States has revealed plans to replace its leader, Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, with his son, Sultan Gilani.

    Sheikh Gilani, who is reportedly ill and close to death in Lahore, Pakistan is the leader of the American-based Jamaat ul-Fuqra, which also goes by the name “Muslims of America,” (MOA).

    The organization is headquartered in Hancock, NY and has Islamic compounds and camps in at least 22 American locations.  Some of the locations have been associated with guerilla-warfare training tactics.

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  • Coach fired for praying in public!

    By Martin Mawyer

    It’s reasons like the above headline that we started our crowdfunding campaign to publish both a book and film called, "The United States: A Christian Nation."

    Here’s the outrage:

    Joe Kennedy is a high school football coach at Bremerton School District in Washington State.

    Did I say he “is” a football coach?

    I’m wrong.  He “was” a football coach, because he was fired.


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